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Regions Bank Rolls Out Autism-Friendly Initiatives

Regions Bank, which serves 15 mostly Southern states in the U.S., has joined the growing number of businesses offering autism-friendly services and programs. The Alabama-based financial institution is promoting autism awareness and adopting autism friendliness by implementing accommodations for autistic individuals within each bank branch. They’ve also focused on training staff to recognize autism, react […]

12 Year Old Creates Disability App

Twelve-year-old Alexander Knoll is a shining example for changing the world at any age. The tween has invented the prototype for Ability App™, an application designed to “help people with disabilities and their caregivers search for specific disability friendly features, services and employment.” Set up as a directory, the Ability App features locations such as […]

Train Engine With ‘Autistic Traits’ to Join Thomas & Friends

For years now, Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends have been a hit with generations of children, both neurotypical and autistic. In late August, a new Thomas movie, “Journey Beyond Sodor,” will see the little blue engine venturing beyond his home and meeting new train engines. Theo, one of the new characters, will exhibit […]

Parents Make a Mini Blockbuster Store for Their Autistic Son

Blockbuster declared bankruptcy back in 2010 and even though DISH Network bought the last stores in 2011, most of us just assumed that all Blockbuster stores were long gone. But it turns out that there are still a few in Alaska and Texas. Unfortunately, the one in Sharyland, Texas, also just closed its doors, and its […]

Let Me Shine: A Video

What do you get when you combine the talented, autistic teenagers living at Prior’s Court in Hermitage, Berkshire, U.K., the band Low Island, and a very catchy song? You get goodness. Pure goodness. Low Island’s drummer, Tomson Chauke, works at Prior’s Court and wanted to showcase the wonderful relationship between the staff and residents, most of […]

Julia, Sesame Street’s New Autistic Character, to Appear at Sesame Place

The newly introduced — and already beloved — Sesame Street character, Julia, will make her debut “live” appearance this Saturday, April 22, at Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Sesame Place holds their “Autism Awareness” Day event annually, in partnership with Variety, a local charity for children with special needs. As an autism-friendly event, the park will make […]

A ‘Thank You’ to an Autism Parent

Last night was Talent Night for our kids—yours and mine and other 6th, 7th and 8th graders at their school. If you felt like I did, you were a little bit of a nervous wreck inside, though you tried your best not to show it, lest your child get nervous too. I don’t know you, but I […]

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Back in December, on a cold and snowy night in Pendleton, Oregon, 6 year-old Billy Larsen found out that school was cancelled for the next day. While children are typically happy to have a snow day off from school, Billy—who has autism—was upset because the snow day meant the Christmas party that his class was […]