I Have This Thing Called Autism

Fourth-grader George Yionoulis made a video to help his classmates understand “why he does the things he does” because of his autism. The video is a compilation of photos and videos of George through the years, accompanied by a soundtrack of music he created.

“Let me tell you a little about myself. I have fun dancing, I have fun making music, I love to draw and make art, anddddd… wait for it… I have this thing called autism.”

George goes on to explain many of the things he might do in a given situation and why. He also talks about the tools (gum, headphones, focus) that he uses to help himself. The video is a wonderfully clear and honest look at George’s autism (His mom is quick to point out that, “This is just his own experience, and should not be taken as a blanket explanation of autism.”), and he invites his classmates to feel free to always ask him if they have a question about why he does something the way he does.

Although George didn’t talk until he was 3 years old, he’s got a lot to say now, and the video showcases both his talent and his sense of humor.

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