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How One Mother Connects With Her Autistic Son

Parents of children with autism are all looking for a way into their child’s world. Autism encloses people inside like a turtle shell. But every once in a blue moon, if you’re lucky, you find a way in or they peek outside. I’m fortunate to have found a window into my son’s world. My son […]

The Top 10 Things the Best Teachers Do

I love teachers. They don’t get paid what they are worth, they aren’t supported enough financially (and often emotionally) by their schools, and they have to deal with parents. I don’t envy them. Every year I write a long letter to my son’s teachers. I also include a Starbucks gift card with it. From the […]

What Not to Say to a Special Needs Parent

Being a mother to a child with autism means that I’m often on the receiving end of judgmental comments and stares, unwanted advice, and somewhat well-meaning—at least I hope—comments from friends and strangers alike. It’s what I hate most about autism. Sadly, every day, special needs families that are already overburdened have to deal with […]

My Great Autism Parent Expectations

Recently, buying my child a pair of jeans almost caused me to have an anxiety attack.  For years, my son refused to wear them (read: meltdown). Instead, he wore activewear. Things with stretchy waistbands and breathable fabric. To the point that I thought that he wouldn’t wear anything else for the rest of his life. […]

To Find Hope, Sometimes You Have to Start at the Bottom

March Madness is here. Even if you don’t care for college basketball, it’s all over the news. Fun fact: Did you know that this year the odds of the 16th-seeded team winning is 10 million to one? It seems impossible, but the hope still exists. Why else would they even try? I don’t know about you, […]

In Search of Joy (Because Autism Isn’t Always Awesome)

During the month of November, we are reminded about the importance of coming together and celebrating gratitude. In a few weeks, families and friends all over the U.S. will gather around tables full of food and take turns saying what they are thankful for. For families of children with special needs, it can sometimes be […]