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How Cinderella Made My Autistic Daughter Feel Like a Princess

Birthdays are supposed to be fun and exciting for little kids. I know my six-year-old daughter, Anna, is already planning her next birthday party and theme, and it’s only the night after her sixth party ended…she’s that excited! Birthdays were always so exciting and fun for me too; so much so that I would have […]

My Child Is Different, and So Am I

My child is amazing—truly freaking amazing. She is everything that I want to be.   When I’m tired and I think that I can’t possibly push through even one more day, I look at her progress and I force myself to push on through. On days when I feel like I can’t even get out of […]

Living Life Lyrically

My younger daughter Zoey is not one of those 4-year-old kids that can talk your ear off or ask you a billion questions all in the span of a few seconds. Zoey is different.  We found out that Zoey was different when she was about 19 months old, and in the month before her second […]

Freeing My Little Songbird

Bright lights, loud tones or noises, sights that are too overwhelming to focus on. The room, and therefore the world, has erupted into frightening chaos. Your mind and your body react with fight or flight, and in most cases both. You want out, you need to get out, your body can’t handle this overstimulation at […]

The Day I Understood My Daughter’s Stim

My daughter Zoey is 4 years old, and is considered non-verbal autistic. She can’t tell me her wants or needs or if she’s hurt or sick and, as her mom, I want and need to know these things. Through intense early intervention therapies, Zoey has come such a long way and it has been one […]