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The Fear: What Will the Future Bring?

Do you feel it sometimes, the fear? It can creep up at any time, envelop you in its proverbial black cape, and stay there, making you think and worry, fearful for the future. I’ve been thinking of this since our daughter turned 13 in May. She received her autism diagnosis at 4.5 years, so she’s […]

Siblings on the Spectrum

Growing up, I knew I wanted children—a family of my own where I could let my children know that they were loved and always be there for them (somewhat opposite to my upbringing). I met my hubbie as a single mum: two became three, then became four with the arrival of T, and then five […]

Looking Back Now Is Easier Than Looking Forward Was Then

It was strange, thinking back, how the course of our daughter’s life changed in a moment. A moment that took place in a portacabin, painted with cheery cartoon images, but a portacabin nonetheless. “Your daughter has a diagnosis of autism.” It wasn’t unexpected, but the tears still flowed as a bundle of leaflets were passed to […]