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Seeing the Joys Behind the Heartache of the Diagnosis

There are many days where raising two boys on the spectrum is challenging. I have days where I hold back the tears every single minute of the day. I still have the days where I am just so angry that my children have so many challenges. I still have my bad days six years into our […]

I’m Lost in the Chaos, but Still Me Inside

I am a special needs mother, and single too. The single means I have no partner in my duties. I do it all with no breaks. I can’t step aside even if I want to. I can’t walk away and take a breather after a full hour of tantrums. It’s hard, but we are doing […]

The Moments That Take Our Breath Away

Parenting a child with autism is exhausting. It leaves parents with much bigger challenges than we ever thought we would have to endure in our parenting years.  It comes with heartache and I can tell you multiple stories on that subject alone. However, it also comes with pure joy. Yes, that’s right, I said joy! […]

Dear World, I Miss You.

It’s not you; it’s me. I miss you. Sometimes I withdraw from you, but I don’t want to. It’s hard, really hard being an autism mom. My life is far from the typical life. I have a child who I can’t take anywhere. He gets over-stimulated rather quickly.  He is non-verbal and not able to […]

Summer Is Hard.

It’s that time of the year again… Summer! I have a love/hate relationship with summer. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the warm weather. In fact, I love the warm weather! I love being outdoors. Before I had my children, I loved to soak up the sun as much as I could. There’s nothing better […]

Trimming Nails: A Strategic Planning Job.

It’s ten o’clock at night. My child is finally asleep good enough for me to do it. Oh, how I hate doing this because if I wake him up I just asked for a meltdown, and that is one thing I never ask for. However, if I don’t take the chance and do it, it’s […]

To Autism Moms on Mother’s Day

I remember my first Mother’s Day when I was pregnant with Trenton, my oldest son with severe autism. I had dreams that one day he would make me a homemade card and tell me how I am the best mother in the world. I envisioned him being a young man one day treating his Momma […]

The Hardest Part

I have been asked before, “What is the hardest part of having a child with autism?” Honestly, when I am asked this question, I don’t know what to say because there isn’t just one area that is the hardest. How could I choose when everything about severe autism is challenging and hard? Is it battling […]

The Look

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve dealt with the stare numerous times since autism entered my world. You know the look you get from someone when they think your child is just acting out and that you, the parent, are not disciplining him correctly. Sometimes it is just a look. At other times, it […]

The Life that Built Me

If you are like me, you often wonder how in the world you got to the place that you are at in your life. Seriously, it seemed just like yesterday that I had no worries in the world but now I have many. Autism wasn’t a part of my life before I had my sons […]