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A Day in Our Life With Autism

I am a mom with an unusual life. I find myself trying to explain our life with autism to others, and I often get strange looks from people who can’t grasp our life. So what is my autism household like? Let me explain just a small part of it… I can’t change our routine. If […]

A Letter to the World About My Autistic Son

Dear World, Have you ever been so excited about something and you never thought the day would come? All I ever wanted to be in life was a wife and mother. I couldn’t wait to have babies. Needless to say, I was stoked when I found out I was pregnant with my now seven-year-old little […]

Three Things I Am Tired of Explaining About Autism

Not again, I thought to myself.  Did they just really ask me this? Here I go again, I said to myself with a plastered smile on my face, trying to hide how cranky their comments made me. I know exactly why they ask such questions or say the kind of comments that they do. It’s […]

Piece by Piece

Piece by piece, I felt my aching heart shatter into a million pieces. Each piece slowly tore away until my heart, which was once whole and perfect, crumbled into a million pieces. Little did I know that it would be slowly put back together, but in a much different way than before. “Your child has autism.” […]

I Am Tired

I’m a special needs mom and I am tired. It’s the kind of tired that affects a person both mentally and physically. The type of tired that I feel can’t be explained. You have to endure the day-to-day challenges of autism to know what I am talking about. I’m tired from the lack of sleep because autism […]

Speaking Through Our Tears

Sometimes in life there isn’t anything that anyone can say to make things better. At times, there isn’t anything that I can say at all. During those times, the tears that roll down my face speak volumes. Sometimes, tears are the only words that need to be spoken. My son speaks with tears when he […]

The Day My Child Accomplished Potty Training

Whew! I feel like I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. I am raising two boys on my own, and both happen to be on the autism spectrum. Therefore, breathing easy just doesn’t happen in our house, between all of the sensory overloads, meltdowns, tantrums, inability to express needs and so forth. However, now […]

As Another Year Draws to a Close…

As another year draws to a close, I realize that the little piece of my heart that had once seemed forever broken is growing bigger and bigger with each passing year. I have heard that grief and pain get better as time passes, but they don’t. A person’s way of coping gets better, but the […]

Looking Back: What I’ve Learned Along the Way

As I think back to the beginning of our life with autism, all I can say is that it has been one rollercoaster ride after another. I have fallen and gotten back up, time and time again. I’ve learned more than I ever thought would be possible from two little boys 30 years younger than […]

Food and Autism: My Child’s Three Favorite Foods

Food can be a very challenging part of your child’s ASD diagnosis. It is for one of my sons. He has a very limited menu and it continues to stay that way. He will often eat the same thing for three to four months and then move on to another item. Then he will eat […]