I’m Not Naughty, I’m Autistic

In an effort to spread more understanding about autism, The National Autistic Society made this short, 85-second video of an outing at a shopping mall from the viewpoint of a boy with autism. In it, we get to experience the overwhelming sensory chaos that assaults him during what is, for most people, an enjoyable trip out.

“For autistic people, the world can be a really terrifying place. And for their families, the looks and stares make it a really lonely one too,” said Mark Lever, CEO of the National Autistic Society.

“We wanted people to see the looks and stares that Alexander and his mom get on a shopping trip, and then perhaps ask themselves have they done that before in that particular situation. Maybe after having seen the film they might react differently in the future and, in doing so, they really will have made a world of difference.”

Watch for yourself.

Rachel L. MacAulay

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