His Laughter Is Contagious

Justin Sellers, the photographer for Jackson, Mississippi’s Clarion Ledger, recently attempted to interview his younger brother, Jack, about a summer camp for children with autism spectrum disorders that Jack attends.

Center Ridge Outpost was built and is run by Together Enhancing Autism Awareness in Mississippi. The organization hosts both children and adults with autism, with the goal of giving them the quintessential camp experience of friendships and activities, and even a little independence. It also aims to improve campers’ social skills.

As Jack was explaining to his brother in the interview, “It has a zipline, and archery and you can have dinner and go swimming. And I made a lot of new friends.”

However, Center Ridge Outpost is relatively rural, and while Justin was interviewing Jack, cows started mooing. The result is pure gold: Jack in a fit of giggles.

To learn more about Center Ridge Outpost and see the entire video, click here.

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