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Why I (Sometimes) Hate Autism 

Having gone to great lengths to heal myself after my own troubled childhood, I didn’t arrive at my current state of mind quickly. It’s been a gradual thing over the last few years. Ever since my third child’s birth in 2014, which coincided with my eldest daughter Polly’s challenges becoming evident, life has been a […]

Things I Learned the Hard Way About My Daughter’s Autism

It’s been just over a year since my 7-year-old daughter’s high-functioning autism diagnosis, but the writing was on the wall long before it was official. Between autism and having three kids in four years, it feels like I’m a completely different person than the one who embarked on motherhood in 2009. I’m still very much a […]

A Letter to My Neurotypical Middle Child

To my dearest Clara, I’d like to apologise for today. I haven’t been cucumber cool, and won’t be winning any prizes for my parenting skills. I’ve shouted too much and got angry too often, but I need you to know how remorseful it’s left me feeling. Because you, my lovely girl, do not deserve a […]

Counteracting the Disappointment of Birthday Parties

There is only one thing worse than my 6 year-old high-functioning autistic daughter Polly not getting invited to birthday parties, and that is getting invited to birthday parties! My girl has suffered from allergies forever, and has been on a heavily restricted diet since she was 2. Cow’s dairy, gluten and corn-derived ingredients (of which there […]