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His First Time at the Theatre

My son Ethan has fallen in love with the Gruffalo series. It is safe to say that, at times, our house has been taken over by the Gruffalo and the big bad mouse. From reading the books to watching the DVDs, making our very own Gruffalo teddy bear and pom-pom figures, and even taking a walk through […]

Please Don’t Judge Us

On a day not too long ago, Ethan and I were waiting in a queue at our local supermarket to check out. The time came for Ethan to hand over the box of strawberry ice cream cones that had been occupying him while I double-checked the list and unloaded everything onto the conveyor belt. Like many children with autism, Ethan has a […]

Thankful for the Kindness of Strangers

Two weeks ago, we were on one of our Sunday walks around Cosmeston Lake, heading off of the usual footpath that most people take around the lake. There were two men in their late ’20s/early ’30s kicking a ball back and forth. Ethan saw the football and said, “I want to score a goal.” With […]