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Still the One

As with all of my son’s musical performances, I had arrived an hour and half early so I could be in the front row. Some of this is so I don’t get stuck behind someone with an extraordinarily large head and can actually see my son, but, mostly it is so my son can see […]

Baseball Game Hits a Home Run for Autism Awareness

We asked Awenesty of Autism blog writer Kate Hooven to write an introduction for this local news video showcasing a local baseball game that she organized for Autism Awareness Day. It was a memorable day for her as, besides spreading awareness, she also got to watch both of her sons participating. —————————————– Ever since he […]

What I’d Say to the Mom I Was Seven Years Ago

When Ryan kicked ass on trick or treat this year, walking with friends, wearing glow bracelets and not having a single meltdown over how the costume felt, or why Blues Clues was walking down his street and not on his television in the family room, after I stopped sobbing over how far he has come, […]