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The Big Little Sister

My son Brody is 5 years old. Cognitively, due to his autism and disabilities, he is around the age of 18 months to 2 years (or less, if you read the last assessment he had of this kind). My daughter Sydney is a neurotypical 2-year-old. Both are very different. Both are very beautiful. And both […]

The Autism-Friendly Products We REALLY Want

When your child has autism and disabilities, you start to notice as they get older that some products you’d like to buy just aren’t easy to get hold of — or available at all. And, if they are, you can guarantee that there will be a disability price tag attached to it! You know that one […]

The Unpredictability of Sensory Processing Disorder

I never knew about sensory issues before having Brody. I wouldn’t have believed that a child could get so upset at the sight, touch, smell or sound of something — if that something wasn’t typically upsetting. Brody’s sensory issues were visible before we even knew what they were. When he was weaning as a baby, […]

When Your Special Needs Child Has a High Pain Threshold

A high pain threshold can be common when your child has autism or, in fact, any special need. And it can be both a blessing and a curse. Recently, when my son Brody had an accident at home, his high pain threshold was a real blessing. He was perched on the corner of our sofa […]