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The Day I Lost My Autistic Child at the Mall

What sort of mother loses her own child? What sort of mother loses her non-verbal autistic child in a shopping center on a busy Saturday afternoon? This mother. It was all a big misunderstanding. I had to take my other child to the bathroom, so I told the other adult with me where I was going […]

I Regret Ever Asking for Help

I was at such a low point on the day I called for help. I had struggled for so long and was getting nowhere and my kids were causing me so much concern. Life at home was bad and I knew if I didn’t do something, life would collapse under me. Autism is not pretty […]

When Living With Your Autistic Child Becomes ‘Unsustainable’

I went with my daughter to see a mental health advisor. Her anxiety is out of control, her sleeping is poor and her eating almost non-existent. It is obvious my daughter is struggling and is on the cusp of being diagnosed with a mental health condition. The more my daughter talks and the more the advisor hears […]

The Fragments of My Heart

I chose a long-sleeve top to wear, once again, to cover the bruises and the scratches. Too many questions, raised eyebrows, and stares to risk showing my bare arms again. I was attacked, again, yesterday. So was my daughter. We were screamed at, clawed at, and scratched. Last week, my daughter went to school with a […]