A Little Patience and a Small Dose of Love

Love and Patience

She doesn’t pick up on social queues like girls her age should, and she doesn’t understand the concept of personal space- especially with people that she cares about.

She has a sensitivity to sound and her eye contact is poor.

She has to work extra hard when following multi-step directions.

She gives the best, tightest hugs and if you give her your time and patience, you would never question for one second how much she loves you.

She has no intellectual impairment but rather an encyclopedic memory that would blow you away.

Her glasses are always crooked and there are kids that exclude her, she also has friends that look for her and think she is hilarious.

She takes under her wing, and has a special place in her little 7-year-old heart for kids that are visibly struggling- so naturally and so much so, that if you were paying attention, it would make you stop and catch your breath.

She loves Star Wars and Pokemon, her books, music on the radio, her friends and her older sister.

She doesn’t listen well and gets obsessive about things such as time, schedules and menus.

Along with her sister, she makes up my whole world.

I would ask that you remember that you can’t always see what people struggle with on the inside.

A little patience, some understanding, and a small dose of love can make all the difference in somebody’s world.

Christie Macdonald

Christie Macdonald is a wife, mom to two beautiful daughters- the youngest of whom is on the autism spectrum. She has a heart for God, an entrepreneurial spirit, and is continually trying to find the balance between staying fit and her love of anything peanut butter.

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