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The Lessons I Learned From Dory

  If you haven’t yet gone to see “Finding Dory” — Go see it. I am by no means a movie critic, but I would recommend this movie to any parent of any child. The fact that it’s geared towards children is, in my opinion, simply an added bonus. The movie begins with an insight […]

These Are the Moments

Running around this morning, I was trying to get myself ready for work, and my kids ready for school. Mia wasn’t getting up and, after calling down to her multiple times, I knew I was going to have to go down and get her out of bed myself. Before I even made it to her […]

A Little Patience and a Small Dose of Love

She doesn’t pick up on social queues like girls her age should, and she doesn’t understand the concept of personal space- especially with people that she cares about. She has a sensitivity to sound and her eye contact is poor. She has to work extra hard when following multi-step directions. She gives the best, tightest […]