What Mother’s Day means to me…

— A guest post by Annie Ayoub, an Autism mom

This picture was taken almost 2 years ago, and I treasure it, because it was really the last time that my two children really bonded together, and one of the few moments they really ever played with each other at all. Not because they hate each other, but because my son has Autism, and with Joseph getting older, and going through puberty, he has become more physically aggressive to his sister and others!

On many occasions my daughter has said to me, “I wish my brother was a regular kid, so I know what it feels like to have a sibling”. I try to explain to her that it is a very tough time for her brother right now, but he loves her very much, and even though he does not show it, just give him some time and one day you will see it again…..


So Mother’s Day to me does not mean flowers, gifts or expensive jewelry. None of that really matters.

It’s the family bond, the love you see between siblings, and knowing how tough it is for my daughter to have always been the “big sister” per se. For many years, I have explained to her that she is an inspiration to so many others as young as she is, and she will grow up to be so much more empathetic and appreciative to others, because of her experiences.

As a special-needs mom, I tell all the moms out there who have “typical” children… enjoy watching them playing ball outside, board games, riding bikes together, or even teasing and fighting with each other, because I never really experienced those things with my kids. I look back at this picture and reminisce, but truly believe in my heart that one day, down the road, that bond that once was between the two of them, even though they didn’t really play much with each other will be back….

So in life, I always appreciate what I have, because I know there is someone out there that has it worse, so folks, just think about it the next time you see your children playing or fighting together, just enjoy every moment of it, because some may never get the opportunity to see and experience just that….

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Great Moms out there and God bless!!❤️💐


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