Sensory Sundays Program Expands to 54 Chuck E. Cheese Locations

Back in November, we told you about a Chuck E. Cheese in Attleboro, Massachusetts, that started offering “Sensory Sundays” on the first Sunday morning of every month. We’ve just learned that the program is being expanded to include 54 total locations in New Jersey, New York and New England.

Now called  “Sensory Sensitive Sundays,” these monthly events feature dimmed lights and quieter music. Chuck E., the gaming-restaurant’s namesake mouse mascot, along with his costumed friends, won’t be walking the floor, greeting kids, like they usually do. Additionally, outside food will be allowed, to cater to kids with special dietary needs and restrictions. Specially trained staff will be on hand in case any assistance is required.

The complete list of participating restaurants is here. All host their Sensory Sensitive Sundays from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.

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