One Mother’s Attempt to Calm Her Daughter’s Meltdown

Meet Helen Rutan and her daughter Isabella, who has autism. This video has been viewed almost 800,000 times and shows what many parents of Autism go through every day. While it can be hard to watch, we think it’s incredibly important to present real stories about both the good times and the challenges with Autism.

The most important thing to always remember is — YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

This Mom is just one example of the bravery and patience many Autism parents go through to help their children grow. Helen’s caption for the video reads:

“She is a sweet little girl with severe autism. She cannot speak, but she laughs, smiles, and adores being tickled! Every once in a while, she spirals into a meltdown and tries to bang her head. When attempts to soothe her don’t work, Isabella’s mother, Helena is left with no choice but to restrain her, as she does in this video. ‘It’s utter torment to a mother’s heart and soul,’ Helen writes in the video’s description.

“The bigger she gets the harder it is to control her….I won’t be outdone, though, I’ll become a body-builder first.”

We salute you. Both of you.

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