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Staying Positive, Even When Some Days Are Hard

The power of social media and the internet is amazing. Information is at our fingertips whenever we’re ready to access it. Yet, immediately after Joseph was diagnosed with autism, I could not face the plethora of information that was out there. It was simply too overwhelming. Support groups, online chat forums, literature, workshops. You name […]

Why It’s Actually Not Selfish to Take a Holiday

A long time ago, when my views on life were less complex and everything fit into a box, I was horrified to hear that parents went away without their children. After all, why on earth have children if you are going to continue with your life pre-children and not involve them in absolutely everything? That […]

The Dreams I Learned to Let Go

Even before my son, Joseph, was born, I had made a handful of plans as to what he would be. He would be funny, smart, almost certainly athletic, and he would undoubtedly have a successful job. The day of his autism diagnosis at age 3, those plans were wrenched away from me with just the […]

The Autism Community: A Community of Strength

When my son was first diagnosed with autism, I enrolled in workshops that would give me valuable insight into a condition I knew very little about, but I rejected the support of the autism parenting community. I didn’t want to hear what they had to say because my only taste of it had been a […]