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We Are All Different, Not Less

Most people, including me, seem to be primed to recognise faces in inanimate objects. I know that I instinctively add a layer of social story to the things and events I observe. I find myself constantly making up imagined and complicated backstories for my fellow commuters when I’m travelling to and from work. In order […]

Autism Training: ‘Just Watch the Big Bang Theory!’

‘School staff member told ‘watch Big Bang Theory’ as Asperger’s training’ was the title of a news report published by BBC Scotland on 1 March 2017. Here’s the link to the article. For those of you unfamiliar with The Big Bang Theory, it’s a sitcom following the lives of four young American scientists who share a flat. One […]

Telling People Your Child Has Autism

No one has a child hoping that they will have problems and difficulties in life – that would be absurd. We want our kids to fit in with their peers, have friends, enjoy their childhoods and do well at school, but sometimes life doesn’t dish up exactly what we were expecting. Seeing your kid on […]

Teaching the Art of Conversation

Arthur was a single middle-aged man who had lived alone since the death of his mother. His greatest love in life was trains and he knew absolutely everything about them. If you ever bumped into Arthur, he would start talking about trains whether you wanted to or not. Unbeknownst to Arthur, he was unwittingly boring people to […]