A Happy Ending for Pirate the Pit Bull

As a follow-up to our story two weeks ago, “This 6-Year-Old Boy Reads to Shelter Dogs,” we wanted to let you know the fantastic news: Pirate the Pit Bull has gotten adopted! As we mentioned previously, 6-year-old Jacob Tumalan has been reading to Pirate for months as part of the “Rescue Readers” shelter program. It helps Jacob, who has autism, perfect his reading skills, and also helps the dogs calm down in the chaotic shelter environment.

Carson Shelter in California posted this video to YouTube last week. It shows Pirate leaving the shelter with his new mom, shelter staff, and Jacob and his family. Jacob was thrilled that Pirate had finally been adopted, especially because he’d helped make it happen: The story about him reading to the dog had gone viral, leading to many inquiries from potential adopters.

“Be happy at your new home,” Jacob told Pirate, after the dog was put into his traveling crate. We hope Pirate has found his forever family, and that Jacob finds another needy dog to read to.


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