The Right Place. The Right Time.

Words can rarely ever express my thoughts on Autism.

Some days I feel robbed, other days I feel inspired but most days I feel overwhelmed. However, there is one thing I am pretty consistent about.

When somebody tells me “It was not supposed to be like this”, I cringe.

What exactly was parenthood supposed to be like?

Full of children who play sports, excel in school, win scholarships and are on the popular team?

Please tell me. I am dying to know.

The last time I checked there is no roadmap for this stuff.

Some children have disabilities, some children are slow, some are dorky and some (maybe yours) is an asshole.

Parenting is not about what anybody was supposed to get.

It’s about what you have.

Raising a child with Autism is difficult. At times it pushes your limits. Other times it makes you revel in joy. Sometimes you even surprise yourself.

This is real life, not reality TV.

Every day feels like victory and I can only imagine what it feels like for his Mom.

Right now is supposed to be the time when … Oh hush.

Right now is right now.

You are here. You are his parents. He loves you unconditionally.

You have more than most people in this world already.

Enough of about what is supposed to be like. I am here, exactly where I was supposed to be.

I love you my son. Forever and More.

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A dad who simply wants to be the best he can. It doesn't get any simpler than that. Oh, and I love domain names, starbucks and sarcasm.
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