Autism Dads

Below are some links to blogs and stories by Autism Dads. If you are a Dad, and ever want to share an opinion, please consider contributing an article. This community was started by a Dad and we would love to hear from more Dads around the world.

Autism DaddyA dad of a son with nonverbal autism (also works Sesame Street)@AutismDaddy
The Autism DadStories from a Single Dad raising 3 kids with Autism@theautismdad@the_autism_dad
Stuart DuncanPersonal blog of the Founder of Autcraft - a Minecraft server for those with autism
Jason HagueFaith * Fatherhood * Autism@jasonhaguewriter@haguejason
Dad EnoughA Dad, His Son, and Dealing with Autism@DadEnough@DadEnoughBlog
Pucks and Puzzle PiecesHow a shared love of hockey helped a Dad break through autism's barriers to forge a bond with his son@pucksandpuzzlepieces@pucksandpuzzles
Autistic Not WeirdInsight from a former teacher with Asperger Syndrome@autisticnotweird@AutisticNW
ASD DadA Dad who started a blog inspried by hearing and reading the stories of others that provided a source of insight and reassurance for his own world.@asddad4c@1asddad
Another Autism DadA 32-year old photographer Dad with three kids (one on the spectrum) opens up about his journey with autism
I'm Simply a DadSharing lessons learned on our journey towards Health, Hope, & Happiness@imsimplyadad@ImSimplyaDad