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One look at our visitor demographics and you would understand why we need to hear more from Dads. Don’t worry, more coming soon for Moms. If you have a “Dad” blog send us a link and we will be happy to add. This is obviously a work-in-progress.

TheAutismDad.comStories from a Single Dad raising 3 kids with AutismRob Gorskitheautismdadthe_autism_dad
AnotherAutismDad.blogspot.comA 32-year old photographer Dad with three kids (one on the spectrum) opens up about his journey with autismJoe Harris
AutismDaddy.comA dad of a son with nonverbal autism (also works Sesame Street)Frank CampagnaAutismDaddy
StuartDuncan.namePersonal blog of the Founder of Autcraft - a Minecraft server for those with autismStuart Duncan
AutisticNotWeird.comInsight from a former teacher with Asperger SyndromeChris BonnelloautisticnotweirdAutisticNW
JasonHague.comFaith * Fatherhood * AutismJason Haguejasonhaguewriterhaguejason
PucksandPuzzlePieces.comHow a shared love of hockey helped a Dad break through autism's barriers to forge a bond with his sonNeilpucksandpuzzlepiecespucksandpuzzles